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Ya Ali Gangster Movie Mp3 Song 19 |LINK|

Thugs partner in crime, Lil Baby, followed up his debut mixtape with a mixtape of his own. So far the album doesnt do anything that Thugger doesnt do, but thats ok. Baby has a more distinct sound to him, one that requires a learning curve of sorts. Hes more comfortable in writing about topics like friendship and money in the most direct way. He continues the hard rock influence heard on his debut with songs like Pimpin and Hush, 2 of which offer an insight into his psyche. He also has a penchant for weird new music and production: the dancehall dancehall track Besties, cant even find the words to describe how fun its is.

Ya Ali Gangster Movie Mp3 Song 19


The single biggest commonality between Thug and Lil Baby is their ability to tell a story. Each rapper has an artful way of dropping the names of multiple people and places in one sentence without skipping a beat. On the song Who You Thinkin Its I, the rapper takes a moment from his typical erratic energy and slows it down to piece together a story about his relationship with another. A similar technique is used to tell his tale of finding his faith on the album. After a failed relationship, he comes back home to a new place and a new outlook.

Complexity is something that these two do quite well. With the top tier of rappers like Kanye West, Drake, and Future and the emerging names like Lil Nas X, Lil Pump, and Lil Baby, hip-hop has become a lot more complicated than its ever been. With every artist seemingly trying to make a different style of music to stand out in their respective niches, hip-hop has truly become a sea of voices. This is a strength for the genre, but it also causes a loss of cohesiveness. Musically, a lot of what these two do is drop some bars that could have fit on a song from 2017 and add in lines they wouldnt be caught dead using now. It takes the essence of what made these rappers great, breaks it down, and creates something new.


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