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Zach Wilkerson, part of the DC3 trinity, still writes about comics sometimes. He would probably rather be reading manga or thinking about Kingdom Hearts. For more on those things, follow him on Twitter @TheWilkofZ

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"Nico went from her role as leader of the Runaways, taking responsibility for a group of people younger than herself, to becoming the newest and youngest member of the Midnight Suns," explains Firaxis Narrative Lead Zach Bush, who authored all five of the Prequel Shorts. "Though she believed in what they were doing, she was a bit out of her depth and felt out of place prior to the events of Nico TV. By the time you meet her at the start of the game, she is very similar to Nico from the comics."

"Robbie Reyes of Midnight Suns is very similar to the Robbie you know from the comics," explains Firaxis Games Narrative Lead Zach Bush, who authored this Prequel Short. "He's raising Gabe, his younger brother, and after the struggles he's been through to find some stability, he doesn't want to throw it away for someone else's fight."

In 1993, while Marvel and the comics industry as a whole seemed to be in rude health, Sandman writer Neil Gaiman stood before about 3,000 retailers and gave a speech which few in attendance wanted to hear.

Then, just as Gaiman predicted, the bubble burst. Between 1993 and 1996, revenues from comics and trading cards began to collapse. Suddenly, Marvel, which at one point seemed invincible as it grew in size, now looked vulnerable.

Stan Lee, born as Stanley Lieber in 1922, began his career in comics while still a teenager, getting paid $8 a week to work as an office gofer for Timely Publications, the New York Times reported. Timely published Marvel Comics, and Stan Lee received his first writing credit on a Captain America story published in 1941, according to Marvel's website. 041b061a72


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