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James Brown
James Brown

Facetracknoir Free V200

if you are willing to give yourself some brain cancer thanks to all the microwaves @Sputnik_77 once gave me link to program that turned your smartphone into head-tracker but you have to ask him as I cannot find the link at the moment I've tried it some time ago and it works 3DOF nicely but then I've bought free track led clips as I prefer 6DOF

Facetracknoir Free V200

The Tracker Source is the piece of software, which determines the users' head-pose and relays the values of the 6 axis (roll, pitch, yaw and x, y and z) to FaceTrackNoIR. FaceTrackNoIR v200 is 'modular', so new trackers can be easily added. Using the Tracker Source combo-box the Tracker can be selected. The description of each tracker and it's settings can be found in theFaceTrackNoIR Trackers section.

Done ! You are ready to rumble ? The software for head tracking will not discover any device connected to an USB HUB, so before you start, make sure your PS3 Camera is connected to an USB PORT on your motherboard directly.Make sure you are not running any other application which may be using the PS3 Camera (especially CL-Eye Test must be closed), as this will prevent the games and facetracknoir working properly ! Now, we are ready to setup the software ! Below is a window shown when you run your FTNOIR software, please follow the four simple steps shown on the right side.


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