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James Brown
James Brown

Steinberg LM4 Mark II VSTi V11110

there are a considerable number of different and great alternate options available for cubase vst 4, but as mark of cubase vst 4 has its own interface, you can't use mark of cubase vst 4 with any of the other cubase vst 4 plug-ins.

Steinberg LM4 Mark II VSTi V11110

therefore, in order for you to use mark of cubase 4 you must first download the needed vsti, and install it within cubase. only then is mark of cubase 4 available to use and this procedure is an easy one.

however, other vsts such as dsp-gate vst and sampletank vst for example, while also allowing for the creation of a standard interface, also allow you to take full advantage of all that the multi-effects unit has to offer.

one thing that you should be aware of is that just like with the original lm4, the mark ii cannot be used with any other vintage steinberg product (as far as i know). the same goes for winamp and kmix, but 'nuff said.

if you want to get the most from the lm4, you'll need to make sure it is set to record in 24 bit. if not, you'll have to take the time to round the value down using a plug-in like patchworx 2, although you may need to track down a version of patchworx 2 that works with your vst4.

on the waffle front, the big news is that steinberg, after many years of development have created a new wave of software for the ipad - and of course you can get at it via itunes or the web. here is wistful music critic tim jayo on what you can expect:

this is the first of three products that steinberg media technologies has announced under the hypersonic label. apparently the musical material in this one has been around for some time and was originally presented at geschenkt in 2007. it is codename: hypersonic, and its release date is april 15, 2011. when it is released, it will be offered in ios app form (ipad only), and as a virtual instrument (vst plugin for windows, mac and linux). note, hyper is not a new hardware product from steinberg, but simply a new brand for all products that come from their acoustic and electronic music teams. there is a certain amount of irony here, because in the 90s, steinberg branded their creative products under the hypersonic name.


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