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Hunters Trophy 2 America-CODEX The Game __EXCLUSIVE__

There are also other shielded enemies here that wield morningstars. Personally, I did it by killing 3 Shield Bearers but if you killed one by accident you can try it on one of the Morningstar enemies as a replacement, or reload the manual save you made beforehand.Completionist All the Way!Complete all territoriesFor this trophy you must get 100% game completion. This means all Wealth, Mysteries, Artifacts.

Hunters Trophy 2 America-CODEX The Game

Apparently I started playing the PS4 version while the ps5 upgrade was downloading and popped the prologue trophy. The progress kept when I switched it to the PS5 version, am I screwed on the 100% trophy now (put like 15 hours in the game today now) or should I be able to just start a new game, knock out the prologue and be good for my plat?

I have been playing the game on ps4 for about 15h before upgrading to ps5. I know the trophies have a different list for each console but I was wondering if I transfer my save file and continue my progress, will I still be able to get the Completionist all the way trophy at the end? It makes sense in my head but just wanted to ask your opinion.

What I did is by playing the game on PS4 and created a manual Save set just before every trophy (20 manual saves is the max), and after reaching the max number of saves, I started switching back and forth from PS4 to PS5.

Confirmed- I just got all of the requirements for Completionist All the Way last night (started on PS4 and transferred to PS5) and the trophy popped. No need to restart game for this trophy when moving between systems.

During the Malayan Emergency, British and Commonwealth forces hired Iban (Dayak) headhunters from Borneo to decapitate suspected MNLA members, arguing that this was done so for identification purposes.[44] Iban headhunters were also permitted by British military leaders to take the scalps of corpses to be kept as trophies.[45] However in practice this led to British troops taking the decapitated heads of Malayan people as trophies.[44] After the practice of headhunting in Malaya by Ibans had been exposed to the public, the Foreign Office first tried to deny that the practice existed, before then trying to justify Iban headhunting and conduct damage control in the press.[46] Privately, the Colonial Office noted that "there is no doubt that under international law a similar case in wartime would be a war crime".[47][48][46] One of the trophy heads was later found to have been displayed in a British regimental museum.[44]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Gray Fox appears as an Assist Trophy who leaps around the arena and attacks opponents with rapid sword slashes. He can deflect any projectiles fired at him with these slashes. He also has the ability to reappear from the top of the screen if he falls off the stage. If one of the players is in control of Solid Snake and the Gray Fox assist trophy is activated, the two characters will exchange in dialogue from Metal Gear Solid. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen using recycled voice clips from The Twin Snakes. An unlockable trophy of Gray Fox exists within the game, with the following text:

In addition, one of his lines during the fight in Metal Gear Solid, "Hurt me more!", was also the name of a trophy in the game's trophy patch, unlocked when the player uses the Metal Gear Mk. II/Mk. III to electrocute an enemy soldier.


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