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Millennium War Aigis Serial Code: A Complete Guide to Getting Free Units, Items, and Resources

Later, Aigis awakens and awakens Metis, who is holding Aigis, and she quickly recalls the events of the past days. The two of them then go to see how the group is doing, and Aigis watches over the group's battles.

Millennium War Aigis Serial Code


While in the main hall, Aigis and the rest of the group decide to go to the girls' washroom, where it is revealed that Metis has lost the memories of her past encounter with the protagonist.

Labrys is captured by the Shadows and is awakened by Elizabeth. He tells Aigis that his mother has been taken by the Shadows. He asks her to resurrect his mother, which she is unable to do. However, at the cost of her own life, Aigis is able to resurrect his mother, a traditional Japanese shrine maiden named Moe. Aigis, along with Yosuke and Kanji follow after Labrys and the Shadows, and soon meet the group again. Elizabeth warns Aigis that if she loses their trust, she will lose her power and they will likely perish.

Aigis quickly learns about the true nature of their battle and the purpose of her revivification. She learns that Aigis is the Persona user destined to kill Nyx. After awakening Labrys' mother and sacrificing her life, Elizabeth tells Aigis that there was no other way. She then uses her powers to resurrect Aigis' old Shadow and, unable to return to human form, she turns into a giant robot to fight Labrys, who had been revived as well. Aigis tells Elizabeth that it would be impossible to completely erase them and asks if that means Nyx will invade the TV world the following day. However, the decision has already been made.


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